Vehicle history check

For just $18.00, Vehicle history check will answer a wide range of questions about a used NSW vehicle you’re thinking of buying, including whether the vehicle has been written-off in NSW or interstate.

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Vehicle history check features

How many owners has this vehicle had

Vehicle history check provides the number of owners the vehicle has had in NSW.

How has the vehicle been used

Vehicle history check provides the vehicle’s NSW usage history (for example if it has been a NSW hire car or taxi), and whether it has been used as a private or business vehicle.

Has the vehicle been written-off

Vehicle history check shows if the vehicle is, or has been, written-off in NSW or anywhere else in Australia since 2004.

Vehicle history check also provides the reason that the vehicle was written-off (for example, whether collision or water or hail damage caused the vehicle to be written-off). Information about the specific location of damage on a vehicle is not provided.

Has the vehicle been stolen

Vehicle history check shows whether the vehicle or its number plates or engine are recorded as stolen.

Is the registration ok

Vehicle history check also provides a range of registration information for the vehicle, including:

  • The date the vehicle was first registered in NSW
  • Whether the registration is current, suspended or cancelled
  • The registration expiry date
  • Whether there are registration restrictions on the vehicle (for example registration renewal, transfer, or establishment restrictions)
  • Whether there are registration concessions on the vehicle (if there are concessions, additional charges may need to be paid when the registration is transferred to a new owner)
  • Whether the vehicle has a single registered operator, or joint registered operators.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a Vehicle history check?

Most of us have lots of questions when we’re looking to buy a used vehicle. It probably looks great, but what has it been through in its previous life? Has it been crashed and written-off? Has it been a NSW hire car or taxi? Has it had one owner or ten in NSW?

The RTA’s Vehicle history check will provide you with a wide range of information about a used vehicle for just $18.00.

What about the CTP insurance?

Vehicle history check shows when the CTP policy ends.

Is there money owing on the vehicle?

Vehicle history check includes a link to the REVS website so that you can also easily check whether there is any finance or money owing on the vehicle.


  • Not all of this information will be available for all vehicles – for example, not all vehicles have odometer readings recorded.
  • Refunds are not provided for the Vehicle history check after you have chosen to use the service.
  • The Vehicle history check provides information on NSW-registered vehicles only.
  • If the vehicle you are considering buying has interstate registration you’ll need to contact the registration authority in the state where the vehicle is registered to ask for information about the vehicle’s history.

Odometer readings

The RTA is presently experiencing some technical difficulties with odometer records information. The RTA recommends that you independently verify the accuracy of odometer readings and apologises for any inconvenience.

Free registration check

The RTA Free registration check service provides free, basic registration and CTP insurance information for NSW registered vehicles.

So what’s next?

Now you have an idea of your vehicle’s background, lets talk finance options.  Get in touch with us or fill out our online application for a free quote, and the best deal on Car Finance!