Auto Car Finance

Our new site is live!

Our new site is live!

Feb 20, 2023

We are so excited to be launching our new website!

The past three years have seen a lot of changes in the automotive and financial industries, and as such, we knew it was time to move with those changes and better communicate how we are different.

Our new website means we are now aligned online, with how we work with each of our clients, offline. The time and care taken by our team is now reflected in the information we are helping to explain on our website.

With this changing landscape and our shift to delivering a stronger service online, we also decided it was time for a bit of an overall refresh. We worked with Dilate Digital to ensure our new website not only answers any and all questions our clients might have but also showcase our experience and how we are different from other financial services in Australia.

So, what’s new? Let us show you around.

Time for a refresh

We’ll always have a place in our heart for our previous website – it served us well. But we decided we needed to up our game and increase our online presence. And that meant a new website that both looks great and delivers an exceptional user experience to anybody who visits.

We knew that with more businesses and noise coming online during the last few years, we’d need to make sure we communicated everything on our website as clear and as helpful as possible. This meant more detailed information on each of our services and offering a more thorough online application process.

Our previous website offered simple enquiry forms, but we wanted to streamline this into a super easy process so that the user didn’t have to click too many times and could return years later without having to start all over again.

How did we do it?

Our friends at Dilate Digital took this all on board and ran with it, creating the beautiful website you’re on right now.

You’ve probably noticed that it’s a lot more visual, so you can really see what to expect when you enquire with Auto Car Finance.

We’ve also updated our sitemap. We shifted all of our essential menus to the top, in a much more logical structure that is super easy to navigate. Next came additional content, giving further info about our services, what’s included, what to take into consideration, and what you need to know before taking on any financial assistance.

What’s new?

It’s probably easier to ask what’s not.

In all seriousness, a lot has changed. We’ll give you a quick rundown.

  • All new and improved appearance
  • Better navigation
  • A much simpler yet robust application process
  • A brand new blog section (watch this space for upcoming helpful tips and content)

Honestly, the best way to discover our new website is to explore it yourself. Click around, make yourself at home – or get in touch with us and find out how we walk the talk!