Need the BEST Options for Salary Packaging?

Getting the financing you need has never been easier!

With salary packaging from, you can be pre-approved as early as today.

Keep More of Your Income.

Salary packaging is an Australian Tax Office approved way of restructuring your income.

It will enable you to buy a range of everyday items out of your pre-tax salary (rather than your after-tax salary) – which leaves you MORE money in your bank account!

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It’s for Everybody. It’s Super Easy.

It’s not just for big earners, it’s for ANYBODY who makes a salary.

Anyone who earns a salary can keep more to themselves because of the laws that allow employees to replace some of their cash income with items like laptops and car leases.

Buying most items is extremely easy:

  1. We source the item you wish to package – or you can buy it yourself.
  2. We arrange for the amount you’ve paid out of your after-tax salary to be refunded to you out of your pre-tax salary – reducing your income tax, and increasing your take home pay!

Refunds Made Simple.

Not a tax expert? That’s okay…that’s where we come in!

Behind the scenes, we handle ALL of the paperwork and refunding so that you can pay LESS taxes! This means that you end up taking home more than you would if you had purchased the same items without salary packaging.

Worry-Free Ongoing Payments.

For ongoing payments like superannuation, the process is different and can be tricky.

We’ll keep an eye on these types of items for you, for as long as you are packaging them – it’s completely hands off and worry free for you!

Painless Process.

Once you apply for salary packaging and choose which items you’d like to package, we open an account for you and calculate how much you need to pay – automatically.

Then, we’ll tell your employer to set aside this amount from your pay before it gets taxed.

The amount of pre-tax dollars set aside will depend on the items you package at any given time – it can be flexible and on YOUR terms!

Your employer deposits the money set aside from your pre-tax dollars into your Smartsalary account, then pays the rest of your salary into your bank account just as usual.

As soon as your money arrives into your Smarsalary account, we’ll make the payments for your items automatically. It there’s ever insufficient funds to make all scheduled payments, reimbursements scheduled to third parties are made before personal reimbursements.

Very Affordable.

For Employees: we charge a single admin fee to manage the cost of your entire packaged items and help you pay less in taxes – this fee is ALSO paid out of your pre-tax dollars!

For Employers: we’ll take care of ALL your company’s needs when it comes to salary packaging. We source, administer, and support any items your employee’s package, as well as any required reporting – we’ll make sure to tailor our service to suit the needs of YOUR organization!

There are generally NO fees and NO additional costs to you as an employer.

What can be Packaged?

There are a TON of great items that the Australian Tax Office allows for employees to package. The choice is dependent on the type of organization you work for, and the items your employer has selected.

The most popular items are:

  • Cars
  • Superannuation
  • Laptops
  • Company Products and Services
  • Car Parking
  • More