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Accelerate Your Cash Flow.

Normally, the money it costs to produce a good or provide your service is tied up in debtors and is not available for your business to use until payment has been received – but not anymore!

Through debtor finance, the cash you need becomes available well before the debtor actually pays.

Whether you’re looking to purchase more stock, hire more staff, or advertise to grow your business, you’ll be able to keep your business strong with the added cash flow!

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Tons of Benefits.

Having more cash flow through debtor financing can help your business to:

  • Take advantage of supplier discounts – many suppliers offer discounts of 5%, 10%, or more for payment within 7 days, and this discount more than offsets the cost of factoring!
  • Remove some of the debtor’s power in the relationship – you’re much less at the mercy of the debtor for your payments.
  • Avoid offering debtor discounts – some very large corporations take a significant discount (e.g. 5% on payments for 14 days), most of the time debtor finance is cheaper!
  • Keep a greater share of equity as your business grows –all debt lenders will cap the amount they’ll lend proportional to the value of your assets, so if your business reaches a ceiling, then the shareholders much source funds elsewhere. By using funds released from your debtors, you’ll never have to forgo equity by bringing in extra capital from outside the business!
  • Assist with mergers and acquisitions –another aspect of invoice factoring that is widely used in the USA, but is relatively new to Australia, is as an instrument in acquiring another company or a management buyout.

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