Looking for Simple, Cost-Saving Financing for Your Fleet Management?

Getting the financing you need has never been easier!

With a financing package tailored to your fleet management from AutoCarFinance.com.au, you can be pre-approved as early as today.

Less Cost. Less Hassle.

We simplify your fleet management by providing you with a tailored financing package that fits your needs exactly, provides you with the best tax benefits, gives you the highest cost effectiveness, and allows you to have the most suitable vehicle requirements.

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Save on Money, Time, and Stress.

Whether you’re an individual, corporate, or government agency looking to maximize your vehicle benefits, our industry experience can save you literally thousands of dollars each year.

We can tailor your lease package to your fleet management program whether you’ve got 1 car, or an entire fleet. We will calculate and itemize your vehicle budget BEFORE putting a program in place and running costs – this finds you the best deal for YOU and saves you the MOST money!

Our lease packages come from our access to national service networks, which allow you the convenience of managing your Australian fleet with just a single card!

Our Local Fleet Management Benefits:

  • No more time-consuming fleet administrative tasks
  • Major discounts for fleets available on most cars
  • Make budgeting easy by including all running costs within a fixed monthly amount
  • Immediate access to large fuel discounts
  • 24/7 Adhoc & Online access to vehicle analysis reports to make fleet decision making and managing statutory requirements a breeze

Here’s what You can Expect from Our Fleet Management:

Servicing: Pre-authorize and negotiate ALL vehicle expenditure through our accredited, trustworthy network of repairers and suppliers.

Acquisition and Delivery: We can source and negotiate the lowest purchase prices on vehicles and arrange the vehicle delivery directly to you.

Fuel: We manage the ordering, cancellation, and delivery of fuel cards from an exclusive selection of fuel suppliers and pass on the deep fuel discounts to you. We also provide fuel reporting, so you can identify potential improvements to your current arrangement – always securing the best deals.

FBT Reporting: We make FBT management reports available on our 24/7 web portal, showing the FBT liability for the year-to-date by vehicle. The report also will bring your attention to vehicles with annualized kilometers that don’t meet the estimated distances.

Comprehensive Insurance: We can manage the insurance renewal process for you and provide a vehicle list of current market values to allow you to have effective accident management. If needed, we can also provide you with a variety of approved insurance products directly.

Management Reporting: We’ll provide you with web access to fleet data, as well as a range of useful reports including exceptions and trends. You’ll have the ability to update fleet information, request actions, and download fleet data 24/7.

Single Monthly Invoice: We provide you with a single, easy to follow monthly invoice to make your accounting that much easier!

We’re Experts You Can Trust.

When you secure financing from us, you’re not just getting fleet financing…

You’re joining an exclusive club that will provide you with:

  • The absolute BEST deal on your fleet financing
  • Lifetime support and advice from our expert staff
  • 5-Star Service for the ENTIRE duration of your financing
  • A genuine, non-call center environment where YOU are our primary focus
  • A true 1 of a kind experience you won’t find anywhere else