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  • My first encounter with Auto Car Finance was fantastic! I needed to purchase a vehicle and they explained all my options simply and without any complications. They were always easy to talk to and would get back to me on time- every time.

    - Allan Edmondson
  • With my 30th Birthday coming up I wanted to celebrate by buying myself a new car. The process with Auto Car Finance was straightforward and pleasant. It was the best deal at the time and the staffs their were extremely helpful – calling and emailing me regularly with updates and helpful information. I was very impressed and would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable service with great rates on loan repayments!

    - Susan Dalzeiell
  • I was on the market for a motorcycle for myself and was looking for someone to provide me with a reliable and straightforward finance service. My experience with Auto Car Finance was very positive and I would highly recommend them to someone looking for a quick settlement and personal service.

    - Brett Piper
  • I needed finance for a car so that I could start my own business. I was approved very quickly and Auto Car Finance was very helpful in finding me a car. I really appreciated their commitment and quality of service.

    - Peter Barsom
  • This was the first time I have used a service to source a motor vehicle and I have been converted! The AutoCar Finance teams assistance was first class.

    After one phone call I had the approval and they had sourced the perfect vehicle and arranged for me. The car I wanted was hard to find as there are no demos and no cars in show rooms to see or test drive. Cameron and his team provided invaluable assistance as they understood my needs and got everything right . From configuration to colour and even extras – I now own a spectacular vehicle.

    Auto Car Finance took all the hassle out of working with car dealers and they did all the negotiation and ordering . They secured a great deal on the price and gave me a great interest rate. They even kept me informed on shipping and delivery movements. Well done to Cameron for solving my mid-life crisis. If you want a hassle free car purchasing service and a great deal, you will not be disappointed at AutoCar finance.

    - Gordon Cunningham, QLD
  • As a business owner I needed to improve our vehicles and so I was looking for a service that would provide us with a simple and quick process. AutoCar Finance did everything for me after just a few terribly easy questions.

    It really didn’t require much input from me- but when I wanted to make an inquiry I was able to have one on one phone conversations with Cam and he was able to easily explain anything I needed to know. I have encouraged people to do business with AutoCar Finance and will continue to do so!

    - Benjamin Romaines, WA
  • I run a small business and over time I have built a great partnership with AutoCar Finance. After a quick acceptance, setting up the first loan for my truck went smoothly.

    It has been as easy as making a phone call to Cam at AutoCar Finance to set up any other loans I have needed. I have been very happy with the service provided by AutoCar Finance and recommend them 100% – give them a call today!

    - Billy Oberbauer, VIC
  • I was finding it hard to get a loan for a new family car with a low rate of interest and then I came across AutoCar Finance. After a short phone conversation with Cam I came out with quick approval and a competitive interest rate.

    Cam dealt directly with the dealership, so all I had to do was go and look at the car when they found one and sign the paperwork when it came time. I was very impressed with their efficiency and would definitely recommend them as a reliable and speedy service.

    - Reheen Guin, NSW
  • After living overseas for 8 years, it was hard to find a company willing to give me a loan in Australia. We were recommended AutoCar Finance by my Aunty and decided to give them a call. AutoCar finance found us the perfect loan and a car that we loved in no time at all!

    My emails were answered almost instantly every time and I loved being able to talk to the staff whenever I wanted to. I would never hesitate to recommend them to any of my friends and family, because I know they will experience the same professional, helpful and fast service I received!

    - Philippe-Marc Anquetil, NSW
  • I needed a second family car and was looking for a service to help me finance it. Working with AutoCar Finance has taken all the stress out of finding a loan

    – they were friendly and fast and took a load off my mind knowing that I was safe in their hands.

    - Murray Homer, WA
  • I was looking for a very quick settlement because I needed this car for my business, so when looking for a company to help me – speed of service was essential.

    Working with AutoCar Finance was simple and straight forward, I answered a few simple questions, they sent me the paperwork it was sorted! The ease of transaction was exactly what I was after and that is what I received. I have already recommended Auto Car Finance to two people since the finalisation of the loan and I would do it again.

    - Stuart Sandman, SA
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