Need an Easy, Hassle-Free Vehicle Procurement?

Getting the financing you need has never been easier!

With a Vehicle Procurement from, you can be pre-approved for financing as early as today.

Less Time. Less Hassle.

When you’ve decided on the new car you’d like, we handle the rest.

We buy cars for our clients every day, and can provide you with exactly what you’re looking for, for a LOT less than if you go out and buy it yourself.

From the finance and insurance to securing the vehicle with significant savings; we do it all! We’ll even deliver the vehicle right to your driveway, complete with floor mats, a full tank of gas, and the new car smell!

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Save on Money. Save on Stress.

Our comprehensive network of franchise and factory dealers, combined with our buying power, allows for us to negotiate the lowest prices on vehicle purchases
which lets us pass the savings directly to you!

We take the stress out of selling your current vehicle by making sure that you receive the highest market value for your trade-in. We always treat you fairly, and make sure that we have a minimum of 3 trustworthy, independent valuations from our vast network of used vehicle dealers.

The Best Deals for Us Become the Best Deals for You.

We have long-standing partnerships with dealers who provide us with the best deals because of our cash-on-hand purchasing power. We don’t waste their time, we don’t need financing, we know what we want and get it at the best deals possible.

We also provide our partnership dealers with a large volume of orders. Many of our partners consolidate our orders into bulk purchases so that we can extract an even better deal.

We always provide you with the best trade-in value, because of our multiple valuations. As stated, we have a large network of used car buyers who can provide us, and ultimately you, the best prices for trade-in values.

We’re Experts You Can Trust.

When you secure financing from us, you’re not just getting a vehicle procurement…

You’re joining an exclusive club that will provide you with:

  • The absolute BEST deal on your procurement
  • Lifetime support and advice from our expert staff
  • 5-Star Service for the ENTIRE duration of your procurement
  • A genuine, non-call center environment where YOU are our primary focus
  • A true 1 of a kind experience you won’t find anywhere else