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Get Your Novated Lease Quickly & Easily!

Ready to Drive the Vehicle of Your Choice and Not Worry about Making the Payments?

With a novated lease from, you can be pre-approved as early as today. You can start enjoying your new vehicle, without worrying about the payments, as soon as tomorrow!

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Find Your Vehicle

Select the vehicle of your choice and contact us for a Novated Lease quote.

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Get Approved

Once our team provides you with your Quick Novated Lease Quote, and you and your employer agree, you sign the lease via a Deed of Novation.

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You drive away in your new vehicle and never have to worry about a monthly payment as long as you’re working!


Your repayments will be made using a combination of your pre and post-tax salary, reducig your taxable income and saving you a thousands at tax time.


A novated lease includes your vehicle’s running costs such as fuel, servicing and tyres. You’ll have to pay for these expenses regardless – so it make sense to use your free tax salary to pay for them, further reducing your taxable income.


You’ll enjoy GST excluded from both the purchase price and running costs of your car.

Don’t be ripped off
by car leasing dealers

A novated lease with us couldn’t be easier!

  • You never have to worry about handling any vehicles payments
  • You won’t have to transfer money over into certain accounts
  • You don’t even have to make a monthly budget for your car payment –it’s already taken care of!


If you decide to leave the company before your lease expires, the Deed of Novation terminates. That means that it’s then your employer’s responsibility to pay the lease rentals and the vehicle operating costs cease. Then, you become personally responsible for these payments just as if you would have leased it by yourself.

There are no fees, penalties, or costs associated with the lease termination in case you were to switch jobs!
Plus, during the lease term, your employer is responsible for the collection and payment of any Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) on your behalf, as well –saving you even more time and money.

By choosing your Novated Lease with, you’ll be able to choose loan options that best suit you –ensuring that you get the BEST deal!

Getting your Novated Lease with us is the right choice, because:


  • Expert knowledge & advice –Trust our expertise in finding you the right deal for your situation and providing you the greatest peace of mind that you’ve made the right choice.
  • Competitive fixed-term interest rates –We won’t ‘stick you’ with any unwanted surprises, what you see is what you get!
  • Rapid turnaround time –You can be up and running in your new vehicle in literally a few days from now.
  • Full salary package management reporting –Keep tabs on everything even though you’re not responsible for the payments. Make sure your money is being spent the way it’s supposed to be!
  • Payment management –Don’t be left in the dark and wondering if your payments are being made or not, you’ve got full control.
  • Fast pre-approvals, in most cases over the phone the same day –Just fill out our 30-second form and we’ll call you back with an answer!
  • Flexibility to buy from dealers, auctions, and even private sellers –Finally, YOU can decide what you want to purchase and from where! Just because you don’t have the money upfront doesn’t mean you aren’t in control of this purchase.
  • Contact our expert team 7 days a Week –We’re here for YOU. Get in touch with us any time you need to!

Get Your Personal Car Loan Quickly & Easily!

With a Personal Car Loan from, you can be pre-approved as early as today. You can start enjoying your new vehicle, without worrying about the payments, as soon as tomorrow! And with a team dedicated to taking care of you and your purchase, you can be confident that the process will be without hassle, and without stress.

Stop worrying about your loan – acquire a car loan to purchase your next car and hit the road sooner!

Don’t be ripped off by dealer financing

We help thousands of Australians yearly to make the best decisions to potentially save thousands. Our friendly expert advice safeguards you from paying too much and enables you to freely to get out of your loan in the future without penalty.

All you need for approval is an ongoing income and an Australian Residency or Valid Visa. Plus, with no early termination fees and national fleet vehicle discounts – what have you got to lose!

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    Are you an Employer?

    Here’s what your fully maintained lease will look like:

    Vehicle Sourcing and Acquisition
    We’ll assist in choosing the perfect vehicle, negotiate fleet discount pricing, facilitate quick and easy ordering, and even coordinate delivery of vehicles in each state for you. Also, we give you or your employees the option of selecting the vehicle supplier and pricing if you prefer –a perfect way to motivate and create an incentive for your employees!

    Service and Maintenance Control
    We’ll send you our full driver instruction pack which will make operating your vehicles very easy.
    All maintenance work is pre-authorised by skilled and qualified Maintenance Controllers –ensuring that costs are kept at a minimum. You can also receive service and maintenance with our national network of quality outlets.

    This means that there won’t be any accounts that demand “on the spot” settlement by yourself or employee –keeping things simple and hassle-free.
    In the event that there are minor repairs outside your guaranteed maintenance programme, you will simply be invoiced monthly for those expenses.

    Re-Registration and Fines Management
    All registration renewals will be paid and labels issued –without you having to lift a finger. Traffic infringement notices are received, logged, and immediately forwarded to you for action. There’s no better way to have the peace of mind knowing that you’re taken care of.

    Roadside Assistance
    All of your vehicle operators will have 24/7 access to our powerful roadside assistance. Regardless of the lease, or restrictions of the manufacturer’s programmes, your drivers will have full access to our service conveniently listed in the driver instruction booklet.

    Accident Management
    Our Unique Accident Management Programme provides you with 24/7/365 service, including:

    • Easy-to-Use instruction booklet for your drivers
    • Painless electronic claim form and generation
    • All liaisons with repairers, insurance agents, and other parties on your driver’s behalf
    • Comprehensive recovery service for all of your under-excess claims
    • Arranging vehicle assessment and repair authorisation –saving you the time and hassle
    • A loss report for damage under policy excess and auditing repair invoices
    • Towing and storage in the event it’s necessary*
    • Replacement vehicle arranged while repairs are being performed*
    • Full accident management reporting –summarizing all accidents together with costs and recoveries made
      *Addition charges may apply


    Fuel Card
    You’ll get a fuel card for all of your vehicle operators to purchase fuel Australia-wide from places like Caltex, Woolworths/Safeway, and a huge number of independent outlets…giving you and your employees the maximum options possible.

    Based on established fuel usage, you’ll also receive a discounted fuel price.

    • You’ll get your card and it’ll be activated & ready for use right along with your vehicle!
    • Your employee will choose a security PIN at first use and will be required to provide odometer readings at each fill for tracking of performance and FBT position
    • You’ll have data captured by vehicle, giving you streamlined reporting

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