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Protection for You and Your Family.

A loan agreement commits you to specific, inflexible repayment obligations. If, for some reason, you were unable to continue to meet those obligations, you or your family will still be liable – that’s where consumer credit insurance comes in!

Consumer credit insurance helps you secure those commitments, protecting you and your family from the financial consequences of the unexpected by offering you a wide range of options that can include cover for: disability, trauma and death, and involuntary unemployment.

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Options that Fit You.

Loan protection insurance premiums vary depending on which option you choose, and which cover applies until you reach the age of 65.

You’ll be able to choose from any one of the following combinations of cover:

  • Trauma and Death, Disability, and Involuntary Unemployment
  • Disability and Involuntary Unemployment
  • Trauma and Death and Disability
  • Disability Only
  • Trauma and Death Only

Cover Benefits.

With life cover and trauma cover, your consumer credit insurance can pay out the outstanding balance of your loan up to a maximum of $100,000!

With disability cover, if you’re unable to work for more than 7 days, consumer credit insurance can pay your minimum monthly loan repayments up to a maximum of $3,000/month and $100,000 in total!

With involuntary unemployment cover, if you’re involuntarily unemployed for more than 7 days, consumer credit insurance can pay your minimum monthly loan repayments up to a limit of $4,000 over 120 days/claim, and a limit of $10,000 in total!

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